Update Flared Piano – new game balance 2020

Clash Royale will receive game balance changes. Among the main changes are an upgrade of mini generators, improvements and witches of others. There are not many changes and we will introduce you to all of them.



  • Damage increased by 20 percent.
  • Impact speed reduced by 25%.
  • Increased the speed of the first attack.
  • Preparation time is 0.15 seconds.

The mini generators had the ability to stun enemies and quickly win, so it was decided to slightly change the characteristics for better balance in the game.

With new features, the competition in the game will only improve.

Barbarian hut

Barbarian hut

  • The service life of the building: reduced 60sec> 50C
  • Appearance time: reduced by 13.5 s -> 12.5 s
  • Now creates 2 barbarians when destroyed.

After the last change, the barbarian hut received a strong reduction in price and, in order not to make this building too strong a tool, it was decided to change it. Reducing the service life should not significantly affect the overall balance. The house of barbarians, still after its destruction, creates the same number of all Barbarians.


The Royal boar

Increased damage by +6%

The boars did not match their value in any way and could not bring the players a victory, they were too weak. It was decided to increase the damage by six percent for Royal boars to better counter the enemy.



Increased the time of the first attack.

Among all the game cards, the witch was one of the strongest. Combined with a fast attack and powerful damage, it was superior to many other cards. It’s over. The developers decided to reduce the acceleration of the first attack, leaving the damage done unchanged.

Now she was a support warrior. Attacking in the front ranks is now impractical.

That’s it with this update. Stay with us and we will keep you up to date with the news.

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