Update Clash of Clans 13.180.3 – the latest version

The latest update of Clash of Clans 13.180.3 was released today with new troops and improvements for your base and Builder village. You can download the update from the link at the end of the article.

Description of the Clash of Clans update 13.180.3

Clash of Clans 13.180.3

The main innovation of this update is the ability to train new troops.

Starting from level 11 of the town hall, you can now upgrade your troops to SUPER WARRIORS.

After the upgrade, you can donate them, or use them in battle. Each super squad has its own unique feature, which you can learn in the game.

Types of super squads:

  • Super Barbarian.
  • Super Giant.
  • Super Stenovoy.
  • Treacherous Goblins.

What else to expect in the new update:

  • New game balance.
  • New levels.
  • Improvement of clans.
  • Improved the Builder’s village-changed fights, removed the training time and regeneration of the combat vehicle(now you do not have to wait long).

VIDEO Review

DOWNLOAD Clash of Clans 13.180.3

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