Update Brawl Stars 25.119 with updated Mr. PI

This is the latest version of the original game Brawl Stars in which you can find all the newest skins, updated characters and a lot of interesting things. A new star power was added for Mr. Pitkin and the championship trials were launched.

Description Of Bravo Stars 25.119

Brawl Stars 25.119

This small update added a new star power to the game for Mr. PI. This is a tin can-when activated, the robot porters get plus 3000 XP, which can seriously improve their survival rate. You can unlock this ability at level 9 of Mr. PI’s power.

Feature of game:

  • Online battles with players around the world.
  • Game rating.
  • Interesting competitions and tournaments.
  • Clan wars.
  • All sorts of skins for characters.
  • The ability to upload created in-game map.
  • Each fighter is unique and has its own super ability.

DOWNLOAD Bravo Stars 25.119

25.119 brawl star Download for android Brawl star latest version Download for PC


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