The latest version of the rebrawl private server with new content is February 2020

A new update of the private server Rebrawl 25.107.49 for the game Brawl Busters has been released. The new game content includes a new character, one of the old broilers has been improved, and minor game improvements have been made.

Mortal Kombat is already in the game

Rebrawl update

New content is already in the game, which means it’s time to get acquainted with new changes in the game.

  • The new brawler is a Mortar. Made on the basis of a penny.
  • Two new game cards from fans of the game.
  • Raven got some changes – changed the description, reworked the animation and added a new star power.
  • Buccaneer Penny and Snowflake Penny have an additional skin changed.

DOWNLOAD private server Rebrawl mods

The latest version of this private server is available at the link below.

Classic server 25.107-49:

DOWNLOAD NOW for android.

Mods server:

DOWNLOAD NOW for android.

Original Brawl Star v. 25.119:


Brawl Star v. 25.119 for PC:

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