Download update Clash Royale v.2.7.4 for android

The new update Clash Royale v.2.7.4 was the most thoughtful and best of all time. Let’s download and look at all the innovations.

Update Description Royal Flush 2.7.4 Update Royal Flush 2.7.4

New update Clash Royale
Like the new Pikachu adventure film, this update is really very cool, for a long time such changes were not enough in Clash Royale. Many who have not been in the game for several months have visited the game this time. And they did it not in vain, because now it turned out that in single-player mode it was possible to rise much higher. The developers have completely revised the possibility of playing 1 on 1.

Since many are stuck between 4,000 and 4,500 cups, the developers came up with a new method of raising higher. Now you can’t fly out and go down to the lower level of the arena. And do not forget that a new map appeared in the game – the Earthquake and external changes were made.

The list of changes in Clash Royale v.2.7.4:

The path to fame

  • A whole new game progress in 1 on 1 mode.
  • Collect rewards, earn rewards in each arena.
  • The higher the trophies, the steeper the reward. Earn crystals, gold, chests, cards, emoticons, trading tokens.
  • Protection of trophies – after reaching 4000 trophies you will not be able to go down below.
  • Upon reaching the new arena, chest acceleration is activated for 24 hours (accelerations are added up).
  • New rewards in the league, every season they are updated.
  • The absolute champion now starts with 7000+ cups.

New map: Earthquake.

  • Cost – 3 Elixirs.
  • Species: rare.
  • Type: Spell.
  • Deals damage per second (total damage to the royal tower).
  • Deals 400% damage to all other buildings.
  • Damage and slowdown for ground forces.
  • Does not affect air force.

New game modes:

  • Megacolor – create a deck of 18 cards.
  • Capture Elixir – Get an additional elixir.
  • Dragon Hunt – break the egg first and get puppies.

New star levels:

  • Rocket
  • Goblin hut
  • Knight
  • Ball
  • Mini generators
  • Army of skeletons
  • Hut of barbarians
  • Barrel with skeletons
  • Magic archer

New event tab:

This tab is for any event. In the new events tab you will find new tournaments, various quests and other game events.

Download Clash Royale v.2.7.4

While everyone is going to watch a new movie about the adventures of Detective Pikachu, you can download the update from the link below.

Clash Royale v.2.7.4 – [af_link id=”398″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD[/af_link]

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