Download update Clash Royale 2.4.1

Introducing the new version of the game Clash Royale. In the new update, you will see a change in the gameplay and game interface, new game money and changes in the Clan wars mode.

Clash Royale Update Overview 2.4.1 от 05.09.2018


A new map for your combat deck has become available – Goblin Giant


In the game, a new currency unit became available – Tokens. Use trade tokens to exchange cards within the clan or between clans – you can even exchange legendary cards!
Tokens can be viewed in their rewards or bought in the store. You can get tokens in battle by participating successfully in clan battles.


The bounty war has begun! Earn new rewards in clan battles.
Mining Bounty contain a lot of gold, and sometimes tokens!
Thanks to the bounty war, you can earn significantly more gold in clan wars.


Reworked levels of several cards.
Added sorting by level in decks of cards.
Added emotions for clan chat.
Maps of your friends in battles 2v2 and Elixir are displayed next to their name.
Added 10 Gem, Zero Tournament Prize


Rebalance made several cards!

Valkyrie: attack speed slower 1.4sec -> 1.6sec
Royal recruits: damage + 12%
Barrel: the cost of the elixir decreased 3 -> 2, damage -9%, range shorter than 7 -> 5, removed a rebound back
Witch: health -3.5%
Prince: Health + 5%
Lightning: Damage + 5%
Royal pigs: attack speed slower 1.1sec -> 1.2sec
mobile gun: Shot range reduced 5.5 -> 5
Zappies: changed reload mechanics.

Download new update Clash Royale v2.4.1

You can download the latest update through our website at the links below. Links are provided from official stores for mobile devices Play market and the App Store.

Clash Royale version v 2.4.1 — Download on iOS.

Clash Royale version v 2.4.1 — Download on android.

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