Download the October update Brawl Stars 22.93 from EMZ

Halloween is coming and the developers of Brawl Stars have introduced a new version of their major update with four advantages: a new scene for the old mode, fabulous skins, a new game mode and the arrival of EMZ zombies.

New zombie brawler EMZ

new brawler EMZ

Supercell guys couldn’t get past Halloween and added a new themed character. It turned out to be a zombie EMZ. He is armed with a spray can, which attacks enemies and has a fairly large radius of destruction. And his super is very similar to Sandy. The character is not rare and you can get it by reaching 8000 cups.

Mortis Cemetery

Mortis House

Halloween atmosphere continues in this updated mode. You are thrown on a map where you constantly lose health and you can restore it only by killing enemy characters. We are sure that it will be a fun game mode.

Halloween Skins for Brave Stars

Updating the game for Halloween, Brawl Stars has included five new skins for the feast of the dead. You are waiting for the new Shelley, Leon, Piper, Frank and Jesse.

Witch Shelly and the werewolf Leon are the two most important skins in this update.

Skin prices:

  • Witch Shelley: 150 gems.
  • Werewolf Leon: 150 gems.
  • Piper: 80 gems.
  • DJ Frank: 80 gems.
  • Caballera Jessie: 10,000 gold.

Skull Piper Witch Shelley Knight Jesse Werewolf LeonDi Jay Frank

Power play

Power play

This mode is created for true game lovers. When you can update any of your character to the last drop, then this mode will open for you for the best players. Players only have three fights per day. The prize developers promise generous, so it’s worth competing for the best places.

Download the latest Brave Stars update 22.93

You can download the update from the official Google Play store or from our website using the links below.

[af_link id=”455″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Download Brawl_Stars_22.93[/af_link]

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