Download the hacked private server Lwarb Brawl Stars from EMZ

The Lwarb private server received a new update and now contains the popular EMZ character from the latest game update. Hacking contains all the latest news from the official update. Emz fighter, Halloween skins and new game modes along with unlimited resources are already waiting for you.

Description of the private Lwarb server

Emz in a private server


  • Unlimited resources and boxes.
  • Classic and exclusive characters.
  • Open game modes and skins for characters.

In the latest update to the original Brawl stars game, developers have added many new changes and additions. New character EMZ, new skins and new modes. All this is available to you, but not from the first level. On this private server, everything is already open for you and there is no need to score points and save gold. And after downloading the modified server you will see even more new characters that are not in the original game.

There are two versions of the hacked Lwarb server:

  1. Normal, classic, in which everything is as close as possible to the original game, there are no additional characters and mods. You are waiting for only unlimited resources, gold, crystals.
  2. Mods. There are already many custom mods on this version. There are additional barefoot. New characters. New skins that are not in the original game.

New on Mods Server

New Sparky character.

New skins:

  • Riot Bibi.
  • Bumblebee Leon.
  • Countess Piper.
  • Shinobi Tara.

New skins

Download hacked private Lwarb server for android

You can download the latest hack update from the links below through our website. Last update November 8, 2019

[af_link id=”463″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download lwarb-classic[/af_link]

[af_link id=”464″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download lwarb-mods[/af_link]

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