Download private server Brawl Nulls 16.167

Update of the private server Nulls for the game Bravo Stars has been released. The server activation code was removed and a new character was added – Karl. Now you can easily play with your friends in your favorite game with cheats and all game updates.

DESCRIPTION of private server

Nulls brawl stars 16.167

Null’s Brawl private server received an update to version 16.167. Added a new fighter – Karl and made the server free for everyone.

When developing online battles, we found that there is no problem to upgrade the client server to the new version. What we immediately started, added a new fighter and removed the code to activate the game. Now anyone can get to the server. At the moment, only a friendly game is available on the server, but online battles will soon be added.

What is available for premium players?

  • Commands to quickly upgrade your account;
  • You already earned 5,000 trophies for your profile;
  • The ability to use colored nicks;
  • You can create your own club;
  • Test battles will be available for you very soon;

What is not available to ordinary players?

  • You can only join clubs;
  • You are not available quick commands (/ full, / unlock, / addscore);
  • At the very beginning you will have 0 cups;

What is already on the server Null’s Brawl 16.167:

  • Linking account to the social network Vkontakte;
  • Accelerated commands for pumping account;
  • Infinite crystals;
  • Infinite keys;
  • For starters, 100 regular mailboxes are available;
  • At each start, the server is charged 10 megayaschik;
  • All fighters and game modes (for example – Jean or Karl);

Download private server Brawl Nulls 16.167

[af_link id=”347″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD Brawl Nulls 16.167[/af_link]

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