Download Paul Modz private server for Clash Royale 2018

New Paul Modz private server update for the latest version of Clash Royale 2018 has been released. The server received new maps and a magic archer. The developers have added a new arena and a new game mode. Read more in this article.

Description of the game Clash Royale

Clash Royale

This is an online strategy where you need to defeat the enemy in the arena using your troops and tactics. The enemy has a castle and two defense towers. Destroy the castle and your victory will be (you can not touch the tower). For the victory you are entitled to three stars and a prize chest. Collect war deck of warriors and fight with friends or random opponents.

Description of the private server Clash royale PaulModz 2.1.7 from 03.31.2018

A private server is endless resources, crystals and gold. In addition to this, new maps are waiting for you on this server.

All tournaments, quests and maps are initially closed and you need to open them yourself. This is done primarily for interest in the game. Many complained that it quickly became not interesting to play when everything was already open.

The main features of this private server are as follows:

  • Unlimited Elixir.
  • Free Gems.
  • More than 10 new cards.
  • The magical archer.
  • New arena.
  • All closed cards are activated.

Installing a private server on Android

  1. Download the APK from the link below.
  2. Run the downloaded file on your device and follow the instructions of the application, install it on your android.

When you first start a private server, it may take a long time to update all components of the game.

Possible problems

During the game or connecting to the server, you may get a connection error or a login error. Just close the application and try again in 15-20 minutes.

We also recommend that you remove the original Clash Royale from your device for the duration of the game on this private server.

Download private server PaulModz 2.1.7 for Clash Royale

Download this hacked server on your android, you can through our website at the link below for free and without viruses.

Working private server PaulModz APK 2.1.7 – [af_link id=”176″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD for android[/af_link].

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