Download new version of Brawl Stars ver17. 153

Today became available a new version of the game Bravo Stars. The new version took into account the claims of players and improved many game moments. Added new skins and improved gameplay.

Description of the update Brawl Stars APK 2019

New Brawl Stars

Let’s start in order. In the new version, the game developers decided to change the graphical part of the game and started with updating the menu and adding new skins for their two characters. New skins you can try in the modified training cave. Try them before you buy.

Bunny Penny
Bunny Penny
New skin Nita
New skin Nita

According to the developers, we will soon see another new character-Rose. A specialist in covert operations. She likes to attack from hiding being in the bushes and has interesting skills. And while it is not the game developers offer us to get acquainted with other changes in the game.

What’s new in version 17.153

  • New Rare Fighter: rose-coming soon!

Rose throws a stream of powerful punches with perfect technique!
Her super-she creates bushes that protect her from damage!

  • Watch the best players on Brawl TV competing against each other in real time!
  • New training cave. The training and training regime was changed.
  • New game balance.
  • New skins for characters.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improved game modes.
  • New map.
  • Many characters changed. Added new shells, sounds and abilities.
  • New menu and game design.

Download update for Android

You can download this update to your device via the link below on our website. To install, download the apk file and run it on your device.

Brawl Stars 17.153 APK -[af_link id=”384″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD[/af_link]

Video review update

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