Download hacked Flush Royal – private server Hero royale 3.0

A new version of the hacked Clash Royale from the Hero Royale development team has been released. The developers of this server included the latest changes to the original game, added several new maps and fixed old errors. Read more below.

Review of the new hacked private game, Clash royale 2018 – Hero Royale 3.0

Hacked private server

It’s no secret that the developers of HERO royale used to release servers for the equally popular online strategy of Clash of Clans. And so, they decided to use their experience in hacking and adapting user mods to the Clash Royale game engine. According to many positive reviews, they did it quite well.

On this server you can find not only popular mods available for everyone, but also previously closed paid add-ons.

Why choose this server:

  • Unlimited resources are waiting for you.
  • Clan wars are available for all server members.
  • New game quests.
  • A new official brigand card is available for you.
  • Added a few new maps, not previously available. New heroes including the fire golem.
  • Online battles between server players.

As a result, to understand whether this private server will help you in achieving your goals, you can only check on your own experience. From our side, we add that this is just a good server with additional mods that make life easier in the game.

You can also get acquainted with other hacked servers for the game Clash Royale:

  1. Hacked Plenix Royale server.
  2. Hacked server Fun royale 2.2.1.
  3. Hacked server Paul modz 2.1.7.
  4. Hacked Null’s Clash server 2.1.7.
  5. ClashPalace 2.0.

Download hacked Clash royale – private server Clash Hero v 3.0

You can download and install this server on your tablet or phone for free at the link below.

Hero Royale private server [af_link id=”184″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download[/af_link]

Installation: download the apk file and click on the downloaded file, install the application on your android. Make sure that unknown sources are included in your settings. Also, when you first start the application it may take a little longer to load, be patient and prepare a fast Internet connection.

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