Download hacked Clash Royale 2018 – Null’s Royale 2.2.1

A new update of the private server Null’s Royale for the game Clash Royale 2018 has been released. In the new version of this server you will see improved performance, new quests and events, and a new game mode – Clan Wars. Read more below.

Review of hacked Clash Royale 2018 – FHX Null’s Royale 2.2.1 private server

Картинка клеш рояль

FHX Null’s Royale 2.2.1 Private Server is a new version of the cracked Clash Royale with new maps and a new Clan Wars mode.

This server has long been known and many gamers prefer it for a minimum of errors and high-quality mods in the game. And this update is no exception. The game has many new high-quality maps, a new game mode, and as the developers assure improved game optimization.

Clan wars

In the new version of the server, you will be able to participate in clan wars, which, if you win, will bring you more valuable prizes and the main rating. The games themselves are the same as in the original game, with only one difference. There is no first day. At the beginning of the clan wars, the day of the battle begins.

What to expect in the new server Null’s Royale from 05/12/2018:

  • PvP online battles between players.
  • New game events and tournaments. You will get access to them as soon as you reach level 5.
  • Cheat on resources.
  • Clan wars. You have access to clan wars, friendly battles within the clans. Create your clan or join the current.
  • New exclusive cards from a private server.

The system requirements of the hacked flared grand piano have not changed and require the version of android from 4.1 and version iOS 7.0

For you, we have collected and other private servers. If suddenly this server did not work, or you want to try other servers, then follow the links below.

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Previous server version Null’s Clash

Just good servers ClashPalace 2.0. and Hero royale 3.0

Download hacked Clash Royale – private server Null’s Royale v2.2.1

Nulls Royal

To run this server on your android you need to do just two steps.

The first is to download this server through our website at the link below.

Null’s Royale Private Hacked Server – [af_link id=”189″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD APK[/af_link]

The second is to install the apk file on your mobile device. Follow the simple installation instructions and enjoy the game.

P.S: the first launch requires a good Internet connection and a long download. Depends on the device, but it is about 2-5 minutes. Subsequent launches do not require such a long load.

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