Download Clash Royale v.2.6 update

There was a great January update for the game Clash Royale. The game is updated to version 2.6 and contains a lot of new content. New arena, new heroes and much more awaits you in the new version of the game. Read more below.

Description of the update from January 2019

yanuary update clash royale

The developers have worked hard on the new update of the game. You will get new game modes. Thematic events. A new card has been announced for your game decks – the new Stenoby.


Legendary arena moved to 4000 trophies
All chests obtained with 4000 Trophies and above now contain more cards and Gold!


Wallsouts – a bold duo of dangerous dive bomber! Soon in February.


Year of the Boar: Royal boars continue to appear for both you and your opponent!
Mini-collection: create a deck of just created a collection of 40 cards!
Check out the new game modes that appear during February.


Now trading will be easier, as you can choose up to 4 cards to be dealt when opening a deal (only 1 will be played)
Added the ability to set “maximum losses” in private tournaments
Private tournaments are now automatically transferred to the clan chat.
Clan recommendations now show up to 5 clans with your friends in!


Download the new update on android you can on the link below through our website.

[af_link id=”246″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Clash Royale v.2.6 – DOWNLOAD[/af_link]

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