The new version of the private server Brawl Nulls 26.170 is already available

The new version of private servers Nulls Brawl with unlimited resources, coins and new characters. Jackie and sprout are now available with unlimited resources and online mode.

The test version of the private server Brawl Nulls 26.170

Nulls brawl 26.170

This is a Beta version of the private server where you will have access to all the latest changes to the original game. Despite the beta version status, all servers are available for online fights.

All gadgets are open to all characters including Jackie and Sprout.

Features of the nulls brawl 26.170 update:

  • Online fights.
  • New skin.
  • New characters sprout and Jackie.
  • Gadgets.
  • Unlimited mailboxes.

student emz in Nulls brawl 26.170Mascot darryl in Nulls brawl 26.170gadget shelly in Nulls brawl 26.170

DOWNLOAD NULLS BRAWL 26.170 for Android

Before installing, delete the previous version of the private server, if you have one.

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